Who wants better sleep?

I am in a life phase that is going on 5 years now, called sleep deprivation. It is not that I can’t sleep or that I do not desperately want to sleep, but it all started about 5 years ago during the late stages of pregnancy where there just became no such thing as a full night of uninterrupted restful sleep. Anyone who has been 38+ weeks preggo knows that no matter how much people tell you to ‘rest up’ before the baby arrives, it just is a cruel statement that can not exist when you are the size of a whale and can’t move to even roll over in bed without shaking the entire room. Thankfully that phase transitions to the next one of even LESS sleep, called life with a newborn! My kids have never been those 12 hour sleepers…..ever. They just don’t want to miss a thing. Needless to say, 5 years later I am still up with a baby (though my 2 toddlers have finally outgrown that stage and are restfully sleeping through the night). JEALOUS? yes, I am.

There are studies after studies that have been done on the health benefits of getting enough restful sleep. From improving memory, to body detox, to cellular repair, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation, sharpening focus, boosting immunity, and even extending the years of life that you have, sufficient restful sleep is critical…and something that most of us grown Americans are not getting!lavender fabric softener

All this to say, I’m all about some relaxation when I can get it! We have been using essential oils for over two years now, and have seen some really amazing life altering things that they can do for serious sleep challenges, but for just feeling relaxed and happy, we have a blend for calming that is a must have! With calming oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Sandlewood you really can’t go wrong.

This blend is fantastic diffused next to the bed at night, or for deep and restful sleep I recommend applying it to the bottom of your feet. For even more intense sleep challenges, try layering a drop of vetiver essential oil on the bottom of each big toe in conjunction with this blend of calming oils.

For daytime relaxation (which I think we all agree we would LOVE to have more of), try layering this calming blend with some other oils known for calming like spruce, frankincense, blue tansy and blue chamomile on the back of the next or a drop on each wrist and feel the worry and stress melt away. It really is that great. Grab these calming essential oils and get some rest!