bumps, bruises and bloodwork

The fact that we are not just on vacation sets in at different times in different ways. We have some things we have to get done while here in this area, one of which is appointments for the kids. We drove all over town trying to find a place to get our 2 year old’s labwork done. After exhausting all our options (apparently no one wanted to draw this particular igE and IgG 186 food sensitivities panel), we finally stumbled upon the most crazy and convenient thing ever: mobile phlebotomy!? Yep folks, I have now seen it all. I hikes 3/4 of a mile over to the state beach with my 2 year old on my back and he had his blood drawn from a nice lady there in the parking lot while he watches the ships off the shore. Weird….just weird, but OH SO convenient!

The looks we got from the surfers driving in and out of the park were priceless.

Meanwhile the boys are having a BLAST playing in the dirt and being little boys. They are filthy from head to toe, and my 4 year old is especially accident prone. He has 6 band-aids on his little body in different areas at the current time. One may have been stitch-worthy, but he is a trooper and helped get himself fixed up with some essential oils and camo band-aids (in the tiny mirror we have which happens to be the only one in the airstream right now). They know to grab their döTERRA Correct X with their call their ‘ointment’ and get it all fixed up. All 3 of them have raw skin on their feet from stubbing their toes every few hours on something since they REFUSE to keep their shoes on, or even put them on at all prior to running around and playing in the dirt. Oh well. Love these kids. 

Immune support for kiddos

People often ask us what we use with the littles to keep them healthy and their immune systems strong. We are so blessed to have an amazing well known pediatrician who realizes that our bodies are meant to work well if given the proper nutrients.  

 Our boys have a daily regimen of supplements, minerals and oils that have worked wonders. When they do need some extra support, we know what to do and are well equipped!

Road trip!!

Ok, so I have a whole new level of appreciation for my oils thanks to the road trip we have embarked on today.

First of all….packing up toiletries/meds/first aid stuff was AWESOME! I grabbed my little 4ml spray bottles of our daily used oil blends, a few soft gels (just in case), and my little keychain of 8 oils I thought we might need. I put everything in a makeup bag, and it was still mostly empty! In the past it took 3 bags to bring along all the ‘stuff’ we thought we might need!

Simplifying is a beautiful thing!!

The biggest win has been having the oils on hand while on the road. They have saved the day FIVE times within the first 60 miles!!

  • Kids hungry and hadn’t washed hands….no problem! We have a powerful blend of oils like clove, cinnamon, melaleuca, rosemary, eucalyptus and orange to the rescue!
  • 2 year old started crying of a ‘really really bad tummy ache’ thanks to car motion…..a blend of awesome oils like peppermint, ginger, caraway, fennel, anise and coriander saves the day! I mean seriously. Handed the little vial to my toddler and he ‘sprinkled’ it on his tummy, rubbed it in, and within 2 minutes was back to laughing and not crying. The blend of oils I have that supports healthy digestive system is amazing. Didn’t even have to pull the car over!
  • baby starts screaming (this one usually sends me over)….instead pull out lavender oil and stick it under his nose! He gets distracted, relaxes and we’re all good!
  • pull off for a pit stop and above mentioned 2 year old wipes out while ‘racing’ down the sidewalk…all better (and disinfected) with owie spray!!
  • 4 year old removes shoes in front of the air vent….WHAT!?! How do 4 year old boys already have stinky shoes!?! Wishing I would have grabbed the disinfecting and odor-be-gone spray (it is now on my ‘to pack’ for any future trips), but instead whipped out a blend of spruce and woodsy oils and smelled fresh trees instead of stinky shoes

Not sure what I did before we had these, but we will certainly NOT be leaving home without them!

If you don’t have any of these oils yet, shoot me a message and I can give you more info about where to get them!

Just RELAX {and sleep deep}


I have had several amazing moments since I started using essential oils, one being the time we discovered roman chamomile and vetiver! These oils have powerful properties that promote relaxation and calm the mind.

My first experience with these oils was using them to support calm and relaxation for someone experiencing intense emotions from a traumatic experience. Just 1 drop of Roman Chamomile onto the bottom of each foot (diluted in a bit of fractionated coconut oil), and they slept a solid 6 hours for the first time in a week. After discovering vetiver oil, they did the same application (1 drop on each foot over fractionated coconut oil) and you could literally see and feel their body relaxing. That night brought a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Nothing short of a miracle!

Vetiver is a key player to quiet anxious feelings, emotional distress, and mental chatter. It has also been used with great success on children struggling to improve focus and relax.

We put together this ‘Relax Blend’ and it has been amazing to help ‘settle’ both the kids and grown-ups alike and support deep and restful sleep.

Here’s my ‘Relax’ blend…
10 drops of vetiver
4 drops of ylang ylang
3 drops of roman chamomile
3 drops of frankincense
3 drops of lavender
2 drops of clary sage
1 drop of marjoram
Fill the rest of 10 ml roll-on with Fractionated coconut oil and rub on bottoms of feet!

The oils are a very safe, yet powerful way to help calm the body and mind!