Simplify: the 10 minute pickup

This is another very simple habit, but one little thing that has made a HUGE difference in my sanity and stress. For me, messy house = higher anxiety and stress (though with 2 little boys you sort of learn to deal throughout the day). The last thing that I want to do after a long bedtime/bath routine is come back down and pick up all the stuff around the house, so here’s the solution:: 10 minute pick up time for EVERYONE just before going up to get ready for bed!

SIMPLIFY: the 10 minute pick-up habitNow maybe everyone already does this, but if you don’t you should start today!
Make it into an event:

  • set the timer
  • turn on some music
  • sing a song
  • whatever it takes!

I have a 2 and 3 year old and they are more than old enough to help out with this, and the more we do it the better they get. They know exactly where their toys, shoes, clothes are supposed to go and that is their job. Being 9 months preggo the less I have to bend over and pick things up the better! They work on their mess, I make sure the kitchen and random piles are clean, and in the morning we all wake up to a clean slate!! If we fail to do this at night, it takes me literally 3-4x as long to go and pick everything up. I get worn out and frustrated while they miss on a learning opportunity to be responsible for their own things.

Oh happy day! Waking up to a picked up house = relaxing start to a good day (for a few minutes anyway)! 🙂

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