the mountains are calling 

You know how the best things in life happen when you least expect it?! So much has changed for us in 2017. We stumbled upon a gem of a spot late January, and one thing led to another. March 31 we closed on our new home and 30 acres in the mountains of western NC! It has already been a huge adventure….one that is just beginning.

While our love for travel and adventure has not changed, our desire to have a home base and a place we can stay outdoors and work the land has led us to this area. We had never imagined western North Carolina would be the place we’d call home, but now that we’re here we could not imagine it any other way!

The climate is very moderate both in summers and winters which will be a welcome change from the heat of the California desert. The views make it easy to hop out of bed in the morning and beckon for a cup of coffee with friends on the rocking chairs to wind down the day.

We have dreamed for as long as we can remember of eventually finding some land to homestead and let the kids run – to live a simpler, cleaner life and do it on purpose. While we aren’t planning on taking on animals for awhile so we can still hit the road in the airstream (once it returns from FL with all the repairs), we have an abundance of fruit trees and are seeding for our garden that will hopefully produce a lot of good food for us throughout the years. Amazing at how the boys are thriving in this new setting already. It’s like having a private mountain campground and the best part is we have no TV or screens to tie up their minds. They are playing hard, sleeping hard, and their sense of imagination and adventure is growing each day.

We couldn’t help but jump right into our projects and we have a long list that we’ll have to pace ourselves on over the years. First thing that had to go up was the new tree swing and we have spent the better part of the past 2 weeks cleaning out a lot of the house and old furniture as the original owners passed on about 17 years ago and it has only been used as a short term vacation rental since.

While life in a small town will be a bit of an adjustment, we love the idea of the slower pace and have already met some wonderful people in the community.

Stay tuned for our updates on building a homestead, lots of fixer uppers (renovating our old mountain cottage/farmhouse), landscape projects, beyond organic gardening and our journey to create a small permaculture farm in time with the 30 acres we have been given! We hope you’ll follow us on this new chapter of our ever changing journey – we enjoy sharing this with you and hope for lots of friends and family to join us here in this new home!

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