TEAM: How do I GROW?

You’ve started sharing these oils that you love with everyone you can think of! Your enthusiasm and love for using doTERRA as a lifestyle is the FUEL that will drive you to be successful with doTERRA as a business.

So now that you have people interested, you’re asking…


As you grow a team, you will need both SKILLS and HABITS to continue to grow.  TRAINING Module 4 are the skills you need to master at this level.

Invite others to SHARE (Module 4:1)
Find others who want to do this business with you – your excitement and vision can be contagious to others, but you have to present the opportunity to them! The VIBES you send out are the VIBES you will get back! When enrolling them and giving them the option of Wholesale Customer vs. Wellness Advocate, you have the perfect chance to introduce them to the idea that there is a business opportunity and open to door to ASK them if they’d like to learn more.

Understand your TEAM (Module 4:2)
As you get people enrolling, you need to learn the major skill of reading where they are at and knowing how to ASK them the right QUESTIONS to know where they will best fit in your team. Build relationships with your people – whether they will be customers, sharers or builders. Relationship will be the foundation to your success and their connection at any level.

PLACEMENTS (Module 4:3) Enrollers and Sponsors
This is one of the areas we get the most questions on and at the end of the day how you place and structure your team is entirely up to you. I strongly suggest filling out the Rank-Planners to get a vision of your ultimate goal and allow yourself to get the bigger picture to work backward.

BUILD to RANK (Module 4:4)
When starting out, start structuring for the rank of PREMIER which will guide you toward focusing your volume on at least 2 ‘legs’ under 2 of your personally enrolled Wellness Advocates. Wellness Customers have a huge role in your team, but you cannot place people under a Wellness Customer, only wellness advocates.


1: STAY connected!!

If you started sharing the oils and going through our business training, you should already be linked up with a mentor. Make sure that you stay connected with you MENTOR regularly. Maybe you work well with text, facebook messenger or just like a good solid phone conversation – communicate communicate communicate. Let them know how you work best and find out what works for them.

You are part of a bigger TEAM!
Actively participate in our BUILDER group on facebook to see daily updates, posts, questions, promotions, announcements, training and so much more! When you isolate yourself from support you struggle. Surround yourself with people who are cheering you on and stay connected to the team!

Join the weekly team calls that are posted in this builder group. We use Zoom chat to connect and you can join in via phone, computer or whatever works, but make sure to commit to doing this each week!


Decide how many hours a week you want to put into growing your business and….here’s the secret…..PUT IT ON YOUR SCHEDULE!

This is where I see most people fail to grow. They want to ‘do doTERRA’ but have no plan to actually do the work! This is a business and it takes hard work. It will not just happen on it’s own, so you’ll get out of it what you are willing to put into it!

3: Know your MOTIVATION (Review TRAINING Module 2)
Why do you want to do this? What is going to keep you going when you hit roadblocks (and you will)? I see so many people give up and quit right as they are about to hit a major breakthrough. Be ready to ’embrace the suck’ and know that you will grow in a big way if you look at walls as things to climb over rather than something blocking your growth!

4: Do the BASICS well and be CONSISTENT
It does not ever matter what rank you are – in this business, you will succeed if you do the basics well and you do them consistently.

~use your oils
~share them with others, enroll them, teach them
~teach others to do the same (duplicate)

BOOM. there’s the secret to your successful business

5: Constantly GROW

Grow your contactsReview (Module 3:1) many people come back and say ‘but I don’t know anyone else and I’m out of contacts!’ First of all, I have said this myself, so no judgment, but this is just NOT TRUE! Get out from under your box! Look at how many facebook friends you have!
Do all of them have oils?
Do you truly believe everyone can benefit from them?
Are you looking around to see who you can serve?
Are you getting out and meeting people in your community?
Are you talking to people you DO know about who they know that may need oils? {aka REFERRALS}

Grow your experience – you learn as you DO THINGS. The best way to learn is sometimes the hard way, but getting out and doing the things is how you will know what works and what doesn’t. Find your own niche – what are you passionate about? You will NOT grow just sitting and waiting until you know everything, have the perfect words to say, or things align perfectly in your family or in your schedule.
HERE’S A LITTLE SECRET: that will never happen, so just get to work!

Grow yourself –
you will hear a lot about ‘PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT‘ in this business. I honestly used to think it was a bunch of fluff. I have since learned that this is HUGE and an absolute essential part to growing your business. When you are not improving as a person, you are not attracting what you want. Plain and simple – it happens every time!

Download Audible and listen to some good books as you are on the go!
Here are a few to look into!

Take time to exercise your mind, your body, your spiritual growth – it will all help you keep perspective and build a foundation of success in your own life that will definitely attract others in your direction. When I get stuck here, I stop growing. Things get stressful. I get upset. My family suffers. My business suffers. Get the idea?

You can do this. I KNOW you can. You can be super successful with doTERRA, but why do some people not succeed?
It takes work. You need to deep down learn these steps and commit to sticking with it no matter what. Get up when you get knocked down and keep the JOY in everything that you do. You will ROCK this and grow if you consistently do these things and do them well.

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