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Join our doTERRA essential oils team today. We have people like you all over the country and around the world! You are our inspiration to travel and educate on the road. We love doing life with people who share our dreams, passions and adventures!

So where do you fit?
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We pinch ourselves that this is our reality. Want to help others grow their business and inspire them to become more than they imagined? Do this while earning a steady income and become your own boss!



We started out with a kit of oils & no idea how to use them, but we instantly saw changes for the better in our family – both us and the kiddos. We had NO {meaning I said NEVER} intention of starting a business with oils, but we couldn’t help but share them and tell our friends and family what we were seeing.


Soon people were asking us to help them learn more about essential oils. As an added bonus, income started coming in. I called the company and find out how/why – I had no idea how that even worked!

As a stay-at-home mom that put my ‘career’ on hold 5 years due to moving and being home with my little ones, extra income doing what I am passionate about and LOVE is awesome!

After just 2 years, this ‘extra’ income matched what my husband’s 20 year career was providing! We realized there was freedom in this lifestyle far beyond what we could have ever asked or imagined. Our 3 little boys spend time with mommy and daddy. We take them on adventures we could never have done before with my husband having to be on call on a moment’s notice, working high stress unpredictable hours, often for days, weeks or years at a time. dōTERRA has been the biggest blessing in our lives, and literally fell into our lap with just a few drops of oil!

This is why we are passionate about sharing this opportunity with others – empowering you to live BIGGER than the place that you are. Do something that you LOVE and let it change your life!

If you’re interested in joining us in this movement, you can GET STARTED HERE with a kit of oils, and then let’s talk! You may be a good fit to join our growing team!