This week’s farm task is prepping our garden area so we have a spot for the pretty raised beds we are constructing. We decided on a plot of land not too far from the house to start this venture, but there is not a flat spot up here, so we get to

1) move a LOT of dirt

2) terrace the raised beds

3) all of the above

Before any of that, we had a few dead trees that had to come down, so that leads to today’s WOD:: tree flipping! Who needs a gym when you have these tasks at hand?!

Seriously:: want to save a lot of $$, get an amazing workout, fresh air and sunshine!? We can hook you up! ?

We are planning to use part of this tree to fill the bottom half of the raised beds to compost out and also help with water retention. Hoping and praying our old tractor will help us with the next phases – brush clearing and turning up the dirt!

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