Essential Oil Infused Olive Oils!

lemon_oliveA whole new way to use 100% CPTG essential oils – made some really tasty lemon infused olive oil tonight! Oh the possibilities are endless with flavored olive oils in the kitchen!

To make: add about 20 drops of 100% CPTG essential oil (make sure that it is an oil safe for internal consumption – we only use dōTERRA) to about 8 oz of olive oil.

Our most used infused oils are

  • lemon
  • wild orange
  • rosemary & thyme (I combine these two for an AMAZING herb flavor that makes any dish stand out. Just do 8-10 drops each of rosemary and thyme in the 8 oz of olive oil)

Some of my favorite ways to use these diffused olive oils:

  • over baked chicken or fish just prior to serving
  • drizzled over fresh popcorn and top with sea salt (Rosemary&Thyme, OnGuard, Lemon)
  • mixed into a batch of brown rice or quinoa after cooking for an instant custom side dish
  • on a plate with a splash of balsamic for dipping fresh bread
  • over salad as a fresh and light dressing (wild orange is amazing for salad dressing)
  • coat steamed or grilled veggies for fantastic flavor
  • mixed into homemade soups for an amazing boost in taste (rosemary&thyme oil goes into all our homemade chicken noodle and broth based soups)

Essential oil infused olive oils are best used at the end of the cooking process just prior to serving, as heat will break down some of the therapeutic properties of the oils.

TIP: Save old wine bottles or glass containers from purchased products to convert into olive oil dispensers! I purchased a set of 6 Chrome Bottle Pourers from and have used them on my salvaged containers!

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