Crying over Baked Milk

I am so nervous right now. I am waiting on a batch of gluten free muffins to come out of the oven that for the first time ever contain REAL egg and REAL milk. Honestly it grossed me out to even buy the milk, after not hardly touching the stuff for 3 years. But…I digress. Tomorrow we will find out if my 3 year old will be able to tolerate milk and egg after they are baked into an item. His tests still show a positive reaction to egg as of last week and we haven’t received the results of the latest test to milk so that makes my anxiety climb even more. His wheat allergy is still high so passing this for baked milk and egg will only open up a few more options for gluten free baking, but any openings are welcome when you live in the restrictive world of food allergies. I literally just cried while mixing the batter. Intentionally putting ingredients into a food for your little one to eat after 3 years of it being a deadly poison for them is nothing short of terrifying. I am so thankful that he has no idea what will be happening other than me trying to get him to eat very small increments of a random muffing throughout the morning and watching him like a hawk. I pray that my anxiety will not be evident to him, and that I will be able to relax and realize that my God is bigger than this and is able to do far more than we could ever have asked or imagined. I pray that a small part of his world will be expanded tomorrow, and that not even a questionable reaction will occur. I can’t say I am fully confident of this as I type, but it is a prayer for a reason. Stay tuned……

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