Certified Health Coach

I’m happy to announce that after many long hours, studying and hard work, I am officially a Certified Health Coach with the Sears Wellness Institute!

certified-logoMany of you know that we have been learning from Dr. Sears as our pediatrician for a few years now, and have LOVED their natural, common sense and more holistic approach to health and wellness. With my son’s health issues and food allergies, we have been on a path toward clean eating with real foods for quite awhile, and this was just a great fit for pushing our lifestyle further with more formal education on lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition. I have learned so much through this journey that has pushed us to make even more changes in our habits, and continuously move toward our wellness goals.

I look forward to sharing this knowledge and coaching many of you on your journeys as well. Feel free to message me with any questions that you have, or just keep following along, as I will also be striving to post more regularly here on the blog now that we are finally settled in to yet another new home and community 🙂

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