There is a new essential oil on the block – one that is exclusively produced by dōTERRA, but an oil that you will all want to add to your repertoire as soon as possible.

The Giant Arborvitae {Tree of Life} grown in the lush forests of Vancouver is overflowing with benefits and strong, powerful constituents called tropolones that make this one of my new ‘must-haves’ especially when it comes to protecting against environmental and seasonal threats.

Methyl thujate, hinokitiol and thujic acid work together as primary constituents of this oil to really protect from environmental threats while supporting healthy cell function, which is the foundation of all our wellness. It also has natural preservation properties when applied topically to wood, and naturally repels insects both topically and by diffusing it in an area!

This is one I guarantee I will keep on hand at all times, especially given the environmental threats that are so prevalent right now! Love having access to this Giant ‘tree of life’ in such a practical and powerful way!

UPDATE: How do we use Arborvitae? This has definitely become one of our staples that we keep within arms reach!

~ Add a drop to the diffuser along with OnGuard to pull out the ‘big guns’ for protecting against environmental threats.

~ Arborvitae is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent, and we have had to grab it on several instances for topical application when we needed support in this area.

~ Add a drop to some carrier oil along with OnGuard + sofgels (puncture the softgel and squeeze it out) for a super powerful agent that helps boost immune function.

~ Add a drop to the diffuser along with Cedarwood, Juniper Berry, Douglas Fir and White Fir for an AMAZING relaxing and calming woodland blend!