life in airstream renovation

This is tough, guys. I’m not gonna lie. We have NO problem camping or roughing it, but moving into the airstream on top of extra boxes of stuff (because our cabinets and drawers are not finished), no washer & dryer, no dishwasher and no hot water makes the transition start to set in hard.

We have spent the past few days working on getting in some of the stuff we need to function better – we have our toilet all set up, the boys bunk room is now done enough that all of them can sleep and our stove and oven work! The dinette table/our bed is a pain and needs some more work, but it is all stuff we can fix.

I {may} have panicked a few times and freaked out at the tight space and all the crap with everyone crammed in. I just keep telling myself that it will get better and even moving into a big house is chaos for the first few nights. This is what the bathroom looked like for the drive trying to cram stuff in and make sure it would not slide around ? this makes me want to scream, but instead….lots of deep breaths!

The boys are loving it, but the difference between this and the vacation is that we have a lot of work we have to do each day to keep moving forward and getting this more liveable. The boys are not old enough to just send them off to the beach on their own, and movies and tv are off the table, so while it is awesome to make this adjustment, it will take some time! They are good sports though – even when we cram in a door above their heads that we had to snag on clearance from Lowes! ?

Seeing them all snuggle up in the top bunk for story time makes all this crazy go into perspective and reminds us of exactly WHY we are doing this ❤️

We are balancing these days between working on the projects, running errands and heading to stores (since that was a rare thing in the desert), taking them to the playground and taking them to the beach. Not too shabby, really.

After racking our brains and really looking at and praying about the right thing to do, we have come to the conclusion we are going to have to trade in our sequoia for something that will much more safely pull the airstream along with the other stuff we will want to have to do this (bikes, equipment, tools, etc). This is not how we expected to start our adventures, but then again that is how life works, and we have managed to find ourselves in the craziest twists to every story we have. Why would this one be any different, right? I love that we are here in this amazing place to keep me grounded during the stress. Just walking out and taking this in is God’s way of reminding me to keep perspective and be oh so thankful for this family and this opportunity!

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